Below is a circa 1969 brochure advertising the television curriculum offered at Los Angeles City College (LACC). The specific curriculum shown here may no longer be available. Click on the LACC logo at the bottom of this web page to go the current LACC Cinema and Television web site to learn more about what is currently being offered.  

Shown above is a folded brochure made up of a cover page (left), curriculum (center) and back page (right). The cover page shows some of the LACC broadcasting students posing around the Raytheon television camera with a zoom lens. To the upper left is Fran Weiss and on the lower left is Dawn Johnson.

The inside page of the brochure is shown below.

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Shown in the six boxes above are LACC broadcasting department students performing the various duties of television production personnel in the making of a commercial.

Upper Left and Center Left: LACC student Ron Peterson is the talent holding the canned ham.

Lower Left: Seated in the control room is the Technical Director, Elliott Mass. To Elliott’s right is the Video Control Operator, Marvin Meister. Marvin graduated and became a maintenance engineer at a video equipment company.

Upper Right: Television Professor, Ed Williams, is training student Robert (Bob) Bernstein on the operation of an Ampex VR-1001, Quadruplex videotape machine. Two inch tape was the primary means of professional video recording in the 60’s.

Center Right: Bob is operating a “Smith Splicer” which was used to edit videotape in this era. The splicer used a microscope and “guillotine” style blade to carefully cut, align and tape the end pieces of videotape together. The process was similar to the old style method of editing film. This manual and labor intensive method of editing videotape was replaced by electronic tape editing. A few years after Bob graduated from LACC he joined CBS Television City as a videotape editor and was there for over 40 years.

Lower Right: Shooting a television commercial with two Raytheon 520 black & white television cameras that used Plumbicon tubes for the imaging devices. The cameras are mounted on lead weight counterbalanced pedestals. Joe Snelson is the Floor Director and shown in silhouette in the center.